Limited Time Only! Draft beer or soft drink service is being held in the lobby after taking a bath(From 15:00 to 18:30)
Yukibou, Hakusen
★Jalan, Rakuten Gold Award, Michelin Samsung★

【Official】Yukibou Hakusen

The entire building is covered with tatami mats, and you are confident in the view and cooking!                                 Ocean view & view with jacuzzi bath.There is also a guest room with an open-air bath, which has a magnificent view of the Sea of Japan.


1955 Founder:Founded as an 8-room restaurant inn by Fumiko FukumotoIn 1999 the whole renovation opened.
For 63 years, many customers have patronized and raised.
Origin of Hakusen is "I want to dyed free to customers with pure white fan in divergent"
Such feelings are put in it.
Even now, you can take off your shoes and relax with tatami mats.
We have also newly created a bed room to meet various requests.
It will be our great pleasure if you can help you make memories, irreplaceable time with important people.  

Please experience our service.

representative, KAZUHIRO FUKUMOTO


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  • childcare service

    We will start a childcare service only for hotel guests.
    For details and reservations,
    Please see the Instagram of "Temporary custody specialized daycare center Maparo".
    (Click "Childcare Service" in the title)

    *Target age:Newborn to pre-elementary school

6th-8th floor renewal Comfortable twin bed ocean view room

  • Reopened 6th to 8th floor twin(The photo is 70㎡ type)

    6th to 8th floor twin bed type
    Hotel functionality and rooms
    Please enjoy the preparation of Japanese with different designs.
    Please enjoy.

    ·4K Android TV
    ·Pillows of different hardness
    ·Simmons bed for a good night's sleep

~ Access ~ Izumo-Oyashiro, 1 hour 30 minutes to Tottori sand dunes, 3 hours 30 minutes from Osaka

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Hotel Name

Yukibou, Hakusen


3-12-33 Kaikeonsen, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

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【Free P parking available】 15 minutes by taxi from JR Yonago Station 15 minutes by car from Yonago IC 40 minutes by car from Yonago Airport
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Recommended activities

  • Completed a cycling road connecting Kaike Onsen to Sakaiminato

    Kaike Onsen cycling road connecting Kaike Onsen and Sakaiminato has been completed.Although it passes a part of the road, most of them are exclusively for bicycles, so you can relax while enjoying the view of the Sea of Japan and the blue pine forest.

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